The 28th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
October 26-29, 2021

SOSP 2021 Awards

Best Paper Awards

Kangaroo: Caching Billions of Tiny Objects on Flash

Sara McAllister (Carnegie Mellon University), Benjamin Berg (Carnegie Mellon University), Julian Tutuncu-Macias (Carnegie Mellon University), Juncheng Yang (Carnegie Mellon University), Sathya Gunasekar (Facebook), Jimmy Lu (Facebook), Daniel Berger (University of Washington/ Microsoft Research), Nathan Beckmann (Carnegie Mellon University), Gregory R. Ganger (Carnegie Mellon University)

LineFS: Efficient SmartNIC Offload of a Distributed File System with Pipeline Parallelism

Jongyul Kim (KAIST), Insu Jang (KAIST), Waleed Reda (Université catholique de Louvain / KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Jaeseong Im (KAIST), Marco Canini (KAUST), Dejan Kostić (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Youngjin Kwon (KAIST), Simon Peter (University of Texas at Austin), Emmett Witchel (UT Austin)

Using Lightweight Formal Methods to Validate a Key-Value Storage Node in Amazon S3

James Bornholt (Amazon Web Services & The University of Texas at Austin), Rajeev Joshi (Amazon Web Services), Vytautas Astrauskas (ETH Zurich), Brendan Cully (Amazon Web Services), Bernhard Kragl (Amazon Web Services), Seth Markle (Amazon Web Services), Kyle Sauri (Amazon Web Services), Drew Schleit (Amazon Web Services), Grant Slatton (Amazon Web Services), Serdar Tasiran (Amazon Web Services), Jacob Van Geffen (University of Washington), Andrew Warfield (Amazon Web Services)

Distinguished Artifact Award

Rudra: Finding Memory Safety Bugs in Rust at the Ecosystem Scale

Yechan Bae (Georgia Institute of Technology), Youngsuk Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ammar Askar (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jungwon Lim (Georgia Institute of Technology), Taesoo Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Student Research Competition

Oral Presentations will be held 14:15 - 16:15 (UTC-07:00) (Mirror 1) and 23:15 - 01:15 (UTC-07:00) (Mirror 2).

Undergraduate Finalists

  • Evaluating the Impact of Delayed Hits in Multi-Level Caches • Benjamin Carelton
  • NetLynx: Delta Debugging Programmable Switch Systems • Andrew Huang
  • Enabling Fast Recovery For Autonomous Vehicle Systems With Linux Container Checkpointing • Maximilian Apodaca

Graduate Finalists

  • Auto-Optimization of Distributed Coordination Protocols • David Chu
  • Verifying Serializability With Version Order Recovery • Jack Clark
  • Integrating Persistent Memory in a Deterministic Database • Yu Chen Wang

SIGOPS Dennis M. Ritchie Doctoral Dissertation Award


Operating System and Network Co-design for Latency-critical Datacenter Applications
Marios Kogias, EPFL
Advisor: Edouard Bugnion

Honorable Mentions

Redesigning Persistent Key-Value Stores for Future Workloads, Hardware, and Performance Requirements
Oana Balmau, The University of Sydney
Advisor: Willy Zwaenepoel

Fast Distributed Transaction Processing using RDMA and NVM
Xingda Wei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Advisors: Binyu Zang, Rong Chen, and Haibo Chen

SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award

Onix: A Distributed Control Platform for Large-scale Production Networks (OSDI 2010)

Teemu Koponen (Nicira Networks), Martin Casado (Nicira Networks), Natasha Gude (Nicira Networks), Jeremy Stribling (Nicira Networks), Leon Poutievski (Google), Min Zhu (Google), Rajiv Ramanathan (Google), Yuichiro Iwata (NEC), Hiroaki Inoue (NEC), Takayuki Hama (NEC), Scott Shenker (International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) & UC Berkeley)

Mark Weiser Award

Michael Freedman